About Us

Gotta Kink?  Looking to satisfy your sensual itch?  FYKB has everything you need from the most discrete to the boldest kink.  Still unable to relieve that kink...let us help and we will continue to do our best until you....come...back for more!

FYKB began out of curiosity and pure excitement.   We felt there had to be others like us who wanted to experience and discover new, fascinating ways of  sexual enhancement and stimulation.  So we decided to share our sexual enthusiasm with the rest of the world. Hope you enjoy the ride!  

FYKB owner and CEO has always had a fascination with anything concerning sex and various ways to please the human body, but kept it to herself. She always considered herself open-minded and non-judgement but due to her profession this side of herself had to remain dormant unless she was behind closed doors. As a healthcare professional, understanding the human body was second nature and realized in conversation with friends and colleagues that they all shared a common interest...everyone had their own kink. Some enjoyed bondage, threesomes, various sexual positions, stimulating lubricants, vivacious vibrators, juicy dildos and a plethora of sexual enhancements products. Some products she had never heard of but was definitely intrigued by the people who had tried them and their experiences. Combined with a pleasing personality, bursting sexual curiosity and constant agonizing if this was the right decision for herself, she decided to dive head first and give this sex toy thing a try. And FYKB was born! Our CEO also realizes that its not always easy to express yourself in such a judgmental world, however, by shopping with FYKB will allow you to take a peek and find your kink!